Threatened Species

Please note that this database includes plant species listed by the Tasmanian Threatened Species Protection Act 1995.

Which species are threatened?
To determine whether a species is threatened look under the section "Status" in the data record for that species.
What Permits Are Required?
A permit is required to collect a threatened plant or any part of a threatened plant (including seeds, cuttings, leaves etc.) from the wild from any part of Tasmania (reserved and unreserved lands and waters).
Where Can Permits Be Obtained?
The Threatened Species Unit, Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment: phone 03 6233 8011.
Planting Out Threatened Plant Species
If you are considering planting threatened plant species into the wild you must contact the Threatened Species Unit (see above for contact details). It is not always appropriate to do this and even where it is you should seek advice regarding the most effective way to do it.
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