Plant Database

We hope you find our database useful in a variety of ways:

  • you might know the name of a plant and want further information on it, and how to propagate it
  • you might want to know the name of a plant - in which case, enter as much information as you can and we'll try to help
  • or you might have a vacant piece of ground and want to know what native plant might grow there - if so, choose your soil type & community and click away.

Note that the entries below are cumulative - that is to say that if you type in white for Flower Colour, choose Sandy for soil type, and Rainforest for Community, the database will display the results for which all these conditions are met.

Please also note that we have details and photos for most of our planned 1900 plants. As of November 2006 we have 1427 plant propagation records and more than 332 photographs.

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