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Title Summer Seed Days

Members and friends visited some lovely properties during January, for seed collection and plant identification. On a very hot day in early January, approximately 25 people collected seed from a dry wetland site at Murrayfields on North Bruny. We were joined by a group of overseas students learning first hand about our burning sun, and spiky plants!

Dry wetlands are easy access as they are flat, and snakes are more visible ? as those attending the field day at Woodstock Lagoon at Longford discovered. A large copperhead was caught sunbaking after a feed of frogs, by seed collectors, and placidly posed for photos.

Photo: seed collectors admiring the copperhead

We missed the summer weather for the Fort Chimo field day at Snug ? however this wasn't a deterrent as over 40 people turned up! It was a bit of a squash in the tack room, kindly prepared by the owners with seating for 20, but everyone had an enjoyable day and quite a bit of seed from coastal vegetation was collected.

Photo: collecting for the next generation at Fort Chimo

We has a smaller turn out for the Orford field day on the Friends School bush block, however those who did attend were very efficient at collecting some diverse seed, and we spotted a beautiful hyacinth orchid.

Note: Ruth insert orchid photo

Dipodium punctatum

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