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Title Chat with a Grower

Neve Quinn in the daisies

Liz Quinn has recently stepped down from her position on the Committee to concentrate on growing plants... and chasing her one year old daughter, Neve.

Liz has been growing natives from seed for about eight years. It all began with her university honours project where she collected and grew thousands of seeds of threatened plants as part of a population dynamics study.

"At first I grew for myself, but now I enjoy growing for groups and landowners who are rehabilitating their local patch". Liz says. Last year she grew for Friends of the Wild West Coast, and some "prickleys for penguins" for a group rehabilitating a coastal reserve in Margate.

Liz is currently growing Leptospermum species and Callistemon pallidus for "Murrayfields" on Bruny Island. "It has been a funny year for growing, seeds were very slow to germinate and germination was patchy. Now the seedlings are through but are slow to take off." Liz is really looking forward to helping to plant her seedlings at Murrayfields latter in the year.

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