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Title Network will benefit From Extra Hands Program

The Understorey Network is getting in early to make the most of a new volunteer placement program developed by the Tasmanian Landcare Association. Launched on Valentines Day, the extra hands program will link people who want a casual volunteer experience with people or groups that need volunteers (hosts).

Here's how it will work:

The extra hands program will invite volunteers to work on environmental projects that are being run by a host organization. Host organizations will include; landcare groups, an environmental organizations and, landowners. Volunteers register their interest by defining the type of work they would like to do, where they would like to work and what time of week suits them. When a suitable project turns up the Landcare office notifies volunteers. An annual $20 registration fee pays for the administration involved in matching people to projects and covering accident and public liability insurance.

Ruth recently attended the launch of the program in Launceston where chocolate hearts and plants provided by the Understorey Network "wooed" the locals into joining up to lend a hand in repairing some of our environmental problems around Tassie.

Extra hands meets the Understorey Network:

Totally "smitten" with the idea (it was Valentines Day after all!) Ruth signed the Understorey Network up as a host organization. This will mean that when we need all hands on deck for a large plant order, or a seed collecting blitz we can register our project with the extra hands program and access some eager volunteers. The Network is also signed up as a volunteer, so if members wish to work on a particular project that is being conducted by an extra hands host they can. Ruth will notify members via email of up and coming events they may like to take part in.

Being involved in the extra hands program is an exciting move for the Network. It will increase our ability to take on larger plant orders, collect more seed, and increase our skills by being involved in different projects. We may even gain some new members along the way!

If you would like to find out more about this exciting new project you can call Ruth or have a look at the website at

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