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Title Coordinator's News
Author Ruth Mollison
Position Project Manager
Organisation Understorey Network Inc

I hope all growers are having some success with their seeds this year. I have had a few reports indicating that normally easy plants, such as Leptospermum species are taking awhile to germinate, and then only here and there. It may be due to the variable summer we have had, especially with a couple of early hot days followed by a cold snap around Christmas: too confusing for the plants!

All growers will be receiving a Germination results chart in the mail over the next few weeks: please take the time to fill it in and send it back, as it is vital to get some feedback on propagation successes and failures for future growing seasons. Feedback from the trial of an Autumn growing season last year indicated that germination was poor and seedlings grew slowly, except for a few species. I have therefore decided that it is more efficient to send all seeds out at the usual time in spring, with a note on those seeds that grow best if planted in Autumn.

Our stock of seeds is looking much healthier after several seed collecting days over January. If you have been seed collecting and have some extra: please send them in to the office. I will need assistance in cleaning and repacking seeds this summer's seeds for the seedbank. Please let me know if you can help out, either in the office or I can come to your spot and organise a seed sorting morning tea.

Other exciting news is that the Understorey Network is now one of three partners that have signed a lease on a community nursery in Glenorchy, Hobart. This will make a big difference to our ability to support some of the larger NRM projects with plants, and provide backup for our growers. More about this in the newsletter.

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