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Title Understories - Brighton Community Nursery

Members of the Bridgewater community recently participated in a propagation session at the Brighton Community Nursery. Eight boxes of tubes including woolly teatree, silver tussock grass, blue flax lilly and sagg,were planted for council natural resource management projects. The eight participants bleached the pots, packed boxes with tubes and made up labels before sowing the seeds and covering them with gravel.

With so many helping hands, we were able to finish in time for an early barbecue lunch., kindly organized by BURP (Bridgewater Urban Renewal Program). Several workers at the nursery will keep an eye on the boxes, and water them when necessary.

One of the participants, Mary is also growing 250 plants in her backyard for the Tasman municipality. Mary is a first time grower but as she is a retired nursery worker I'm sure she will be able to coax her seeds out of their tubes with ease.

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