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Title Growers Scheme

Would you like to be a volunteer grower?

It is rewarding and easy to grow native plants with our method. You can do your bit to improve the environment in a practical way by helping a landcare group or a landowner with their revegetation project. Or you can just grow for yourself.

It is a hands-on way to become involved in some interesting projects around Tassie. Here are some of the areas we need growers for:

  • The Strahan Foreshore Track (coastal mix of species)
  • Riverside Lake Wetlands (reeds, sedges and water-edge plants)
  • Hobart Suburban Gardens (bird attractant species)
  • Penguin Colonies in the Derwent (prickly plants and shade species)

Or, we will match you with one of our many individual requests for plants. You don't need to live in the area to grow for the project as we can usually supply local seed. When your plants are ready to hand over, you may like to arrange a tour of the site. (The Project Manager can assist with this).

What's Involved?

Everything is supplied for volunteer growers. This includes an instruction guide, tubes, potting mix and seed. You must collect your growers' kit from a collection depot in September. There will be a depot in the North, South and NorthWest. (Growers will receive notification of the Collection Depot address closer to the date.)

You also need:

  • A place in the sun (1-2 square metres)
  • A hose, with a soft rose attachment.
  • A raised bench, bed-frame, or bricks to keep the boxes off the ground.
  • The commitment to water and check the plants every day. A cheap watering system or reliable neighbour can help with this.
  • Some spare time in October (half a day) to fill tubes and sow seeds, then a few minutes every day until April/May to water them.

What Happens Next?

If you would like seedlings grown for you:

  • Send in the Growers Scheme form by 31st of August.
  • OCTOBER: Start site preparation for Autumn planting by removing weeds etc.
  • NOVEMBER TO APRIL: Keep in touch with your volunteer grower.
  • APRIL/MAY: Arrange to collect the seedlings, plant out, mulch and protect.

If you would like to be a grower:

  • Send in the Growers Scheme Form by 31st of August.
  • SEPTEMBER: Receive confirmation of order and details where to collect grower's kit.
  • OCTOBER: Prepare your tubes and plant seeds.
  • OCTOBER to APRIL: Continue to water seedlings and keep in touch with your landowner.
  • APRIL/MAY: Arrange to deliver or have your plants collected.

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