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Issue Date Autumn 2005
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Title Understories - Birds and Berries

Trish is an Understorey Network member, regenerating 3 acres of cleared land, on her property outside Bridport. Trish seems to have found the right ingredients for successful propagation of the Mountain Pepper Berry, as follows:

  • Collect dried currawong regurgitate containing seeds. (These were from Diddleum.)
  • Leave the pots outdoors and be prepared to wait 12 months.
  • Weed out assortment of other germinating seeds that the currawong has digested.
  • Wait for a hard frost, just after winter.
  • Hey Presto - pepperberries coming up thick and fast.

Trish is now searching for local homes for her growing family of Mountain Pepperberries. Contact Ruth Mollison if you would like some.

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